タイトル:LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE展 プレイベント



アーティスト:井村ももか / 岡元俊雄 / 小林 覚 / 清水千秋 / 砂連尾 理 / 杉浦 篤 / 高田安規子・政子 / 寺口さやか / 似里 力 / 西尾美也 / 納田裕加 / 伏木庸平 / ピーター・マクドナルド / 松井智惠 / 松本 力 / 宮川佑理子


LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Exhibition Pre-Event

Sunday, July 14 – Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Venue:Tokyo Midtown Hall A

Artists:Momoka Imura / Toshio Okamoto / Satoru Kobayashi / Chiaki Shimizu / Osamu Jaero / Atsushi Sugiura / Akiko & Masako Takada / Sayaka Teraguchi / Chikara Nisato / Yoshinari Nishio / Yuka Nouda / Yohei Fusegi / Peter McDonald / Chie Matsui / Chikara Matsumoto / Yuriko Miyagawa

Organized by:The Nippon Foundation DIVERSITY IN THE ARTS



2020年の夏に開幕する「LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE 展」は、愛をテーマに、アートに限らずさまざまな領域で表現活動をしている人たちとともにつくる展覧会である。本プレイベントでは、開幕1年前にその概要を先取りして伝えつつ、愛というテーマを深めるいくつかのプログラムを行った。愛とはよく聞く言葉だが、僕自身その意味内容を踏み込んで考えたことがない。それでも、他人に対する拒絶や暴力が絶えず聞こえてくる今、愛について考え、できることからやってみなければならないと直感的に思う。





LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE展 プレイベントキュレーター 小澤慶介


Curator’s Statement

Thinking About Love Today

Held in the summer of 2020, “LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE EXHIBITION” explores the theme of “love” and is organized in collaboration with people who engage in creative activities in various fields. For this pre-event, we communicated the overview of the exhibition a year in advance and hosted several events to deepen the theme. “Love” is a word we frequently hear, yet I had never thought about its meaning on a more profound level. Precisely because we regularly hear about the rejection of and violence against others, I intuitively feel that today we have to think about love and start from what we can do.

My thinking behind the choice of “love” as the exhibition theme is that loving and creating are similar concepts. Neither has a prior objective but rather simply moves forward, guided by the senses and with no definite end goal. Love born out of a random occurrence grows over time and fires up after overcoming crisis. Creating, too, starts without any command from someone else, and before you know it, the nascence of forms emerges from continually moving your hands and ruminating. In either case, this process of moving forward by touching and responding to others as well as objects is filled with creativity and an ardor to reach what we do not yet see. And when love and art created through this process are shared with us, they convey the richness of life along with human warmth and signs of the new.

In the venue were exhibited artistic expression and works that came into existence through continually searching for unseen things and engaging with others. During the workshops, surprised by the sheer variety of materials, children and adults alike happily threw themselves into the act of creativity without a word. Artists from Atelier Yamanami, Lumbini Art Museum, and KOBO-SYU participated in the live demonstrations and created artworks by communicating with visitors. At the Access Art Program’s information counter and photo spot for taking pictures of hearts made by joining hands, visitors and staff indiscriminately and cheerfully engaged in dialogue. These were comfortable and peaceful places of exchange where people were freed from social norms and structures, their energies flowing gently and evenly.

At the talks that deepened different themes with guest speakers, I was thinking about what love actually means. I would like to include a few things that struck me. “Love is about celebrating the fact that we were born,” the writer Kanako Nishi said. Dancer and choreographer Osamu Jareo described his new collaborative project as “growing senile with people who are approaching death.” If I am to unravel their words, love is perhaps something that arises at the places where living and dying at different times and locations is universally accepted. In the end, the only thing necessary is just to accept others without expecting or doing anything, regardless of whether or not we like, know, or sympathize with them. This attitude constitutes the basis of how love is born and creative expression arises.

At the exhibition held in a year from now, it is my hope that a space can be formed where people accept one another, that the meanings of loving and creating are deepened by the exhibition and become widespread. Overwhelmed by the powerful forces of the times, we end up focused only on ourselves or even losing sight of who we are. It is precisely for this reason that I want to stop for a moment and celebrate the fact that people exist and are expressing something. Loving and creating, and the adventure leading to what results from these, have only just begun.

Keisuke Ozawa